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The Kapuzbaşı waterfalls are located in the east of Niğde Aladağlar and they are 160 kilometers from Ürgüp. To be able to get here, follow the Yeşilhisar road from the Ürgüp exit, and after Yeşilhisar, take Yahyalı Road. The distance from Ürgüp to Yeşilhisar is 57 km and Yeşilhisar to Yahyalı is 42 km. The Kapuzbaşı Village can be reached by following the almost finished new road in Yahyalı for 60 km. This road sometimes follows the Zamantı River and has a beautiful view. Finally the waterfalls are 1 km from the Kapuzbaşı Village. A reward for mountaineers and trekkers The Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls are still known as the last stop of the Aladağlar track by mountaineers and trekkers. The Aladaglar trekking track is one of the hardest and most fascinating in Turkey. Water springs are located only in certain points in these mountains where the peak can reach 4000 meters, although many of these are dry in the summer. In this regard Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, reached after a week long, exhausting and waterless trek, are a just reward.



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