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The Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, doubtless the most glorious among our country’s waterfall sets, maintained its existence mysteriously until recent years. The Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, the second highest waterfall of the world, charms people.

The Kapuzbasi Waterfalls in Aladaglar National Park south of Cappadocia and east of Nigde, are among Turkey's most unusual: the seven waterfalls spurt right from a solid-rock cliff face.

Kapuzbaşı waterfall is fed from the snow and the glaciers on the top of Aladağlar and, welcomes its visitors by the icy cold water in the summer. Kapuzbaşı waterfalls are within the borders of Alacadağlar National Park. The waterfall is one of the best stops in the trekking area in Alacadağlar.

It's striking: a crease in the vertical cliff face. Above it, dry rock. Below it,a cascade of chill white water. Over the ages, the water found its way through the porous limestone, ending at the cliff face, where it tumbles to a stream below.

At the base of the falls is an old, primitive grain mill, a low-roofed ramshackle structure set above a channel of racing water that turns the wheel. Inside, the village miller squats and scoops and sacks the flour that sifts from the grinding stones.

The groups which complete
the pass of Alacadağlar between Adana and Kayseri in five days camp near Kapuzbaşı waterfalls on the fourth day. It is advisable to go to the area in summer.

Upstream and downstream from the waterfalls a few kms are small villages with a few basic services.


   The lower village has several simple family-run restaurants where we dine on fresh grilled fish and local vegetables.


Access to the Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls ( click on image for maps )

The Kapuzbaşı waterfalls are located in the east of Niğde Aladağlar and they are 160 kilometers from Ürgüp. To be able to get here, follow the Yeşilhisar road from the Ürgüp exit, and after Yeşilhisar, take Yahyalı Road. The distance from Ürgüp to Yeşilhisar is 57 km and Yeşilhisar to Yahyalı is 42 km. The Kapuzbaşı Village can be reached by following the almost finished new road in Yahyalı for 60 km. This road sometimes follows the Zamantı River and has a beautiful view. Finally the waterfalls are 1 km from the Kapuzbaşı Village. A reward for mountaineers and trekkers The Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls are still known as the last stop of the Aladağlar track by mountaineers and trekkers. The Aladaglar trekking track is one of the hardest and most fascinating in Turkey. Water springs are located only in certain points in these mountains where the peak can reach 4000 meters, although many of these are dry in the summer. In this regard Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, reached after a week long, exhausting and waterless trek, are a just reward.

Welcome to the National Park

The Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls have developed into a very touristic place today. The main reason for this is the new road that approaches from the east. They are visited by the local people as well as daily touristic tours. The Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, once called the Barazama Waterfalls, are located at 700 meters' altitude. The area containing the waterfalls was declared a natural park in 1995. Although there is the opportunity to camp within the park, no one else camps here other than mountaineers and trekkers. A small fee is paid at the National Park entrance and an overnight stay fee is asked of the campers. Toilet and parking facilities are provided in the camping area. Within the National Park you can buy fresh goat's meat from the villagers and, according to the park regulations, you are allowed to light a fire and have a barbecue but alcohol consumption is not permitted. 

Paradise consists of seven different waterfalls 


Usually a waterfall means water from a river falling from a certain height. What makes the Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls special is that the water doesn't come from a stream bed, but by water gushing out of seven different sources from the side of the mountain. The plateau, at 3000 meters' altitude, called the bowl of Aladağlar, collects water from winter snow. Most of this water feeds underground sources, some forming small lakes on the permeable surface in the summer. When some of these underground sources reach above ground, they create seven glorious waterfalls. 

Don’t leave without seeing all the waterfalls...


The Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls consist of roughly two parts. The first includes four waterfalls gushing from rocks that are lined on the side of the valley. They fall from 30-40 meters into the Aksu Creek. Since the valley is narrow and steep, it only gets sunshine between 10:00 and 14:00 so it its advisable not to miss these hours especially if you want to take photos. Once you walk down to the end of the valley, you reach a small settlement which is a summer meadow of Büyükçakır Village. Here, another creek joins Aksu Creek and together they flow into the Zamantı River. (Zamantı River is one of the most important rafting racecourses of Turkey. Every year on 5th of June, a competition and a festival is organised here). If you follow the second creek through the meadow for about 15 minutes, you will see that this is formed mostly by 3 waterfalls coming from rocks. These are the final three of the seven Kapuzbaşı waterfalls.





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